Contacta Induction Loop Listener with Headphones

Designed for use by hard of hearing people who do not have T/telecoil-equipped hearing aids, the Induction Loop Receiver provides high quality amplification of sound transmitted by induction loop systems. (Click on photo for an enlarged image.)

In addition, for facility managers and system installers, the receiver provides visual as well as auditory confirmation of system performance. 

Important features of the Induction Loop Receiver include:

  • LED confirmation of loop signal strength (re: 200 & 400mA/meter)
  • Maximum 110 dBA SPL output
  • Rechargeable with optional battery & charger
  • Battery condition check LED indicator
  • Large volume control and on-off switch
  • Noise filter switch
  • Convenient built-in neck cord
  • Compact & lightweight: 7/8" D x 4" H x 2 1/2" W, 5 oz.
  • Lightweight stereo headphones included 
Contacta Induction Loop Listener with Headphones
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  • Item #: IL-RX20
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Price $99.95

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