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    Contacta Induction Loop Listener with Headphones Contacta Portable Info-Loop Residential Home Hearing Loop
    Contacta Induction Loop Listener with HeadphonesContacta Portable Info-LoopResidential Home Hearing Loop

    Designed for use by hard of hearing people who do not have T/telecoil-equipped hearing aids, the Induction Loop Receiver provides high quality amplification of sound transmitted by induction loop systems. (Click on photo for an enlarged image.)...

    Self-contained portable loop system is ideal for one-on-one applications, such as in reception areas, service counters, or small meetings. 

    The Univox kit is a wireless loop system that transforms your hearing aids with t-coils, cochlear implants or earpiece into personal loudspeakers. Includes loop pad. Two year warranty.




    Contacta Clipboard Loop
    Contacta Clipboard Loop

    Designed for highly discreet communication with those with hearing difficulties who wear a hearing aid. Portable and easy to carry.